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Patreon Rewards

Wed Nov 1, 2017, 12:41 PM

Patreon Rewards

Thank you so much for visiting my art page!FREE flying hearts Icon 

If you like my artwork, please consider supporting me and my art on .:Bullet:. PatreonPatreon

I'm creating NSFW art, PSD, Video process and I started creating my visual novel "Heilog saga"!

Every your dollar you'll donate help me:

-Create stuff and my visual novel
-Don't starve and have snacks 
-Pay my rent 
-Improve my equipment 
-To take care of my health 


Here, my future patrons can see the rewards of the current and previous months:
Every Bundle contains:
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December 2017 Bundle 
Mei. Happy New Year! by Prywinko Snow Queen Elsa (crop) by Prywinko Holo by Prywinko
Samus. Christmas Reincarnation by Prywinko Mercy the christmas elf by Prywinko

Valeera by Prywinko Ahri (Dva) by Prywinko Phosphophyllite (Houseki no Kuni) by Prywinko Batgirl  (mask) by Prywinko OC Beans by Prywinko

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Sylvanas Time Lapse

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 7:16 AM
Hey friends!  My new video - Sylvanas.
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Prywinko was here!

Mon Apr 17, 2017, 9:24 AM
Hello, friends! Cat 
In this journal will be collected photos from the travels of a small Prywinko!Shy 

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo!

Prywinko was a transit in Istanbul.
Image by Prywinko

And now she is vacationing in Hong Kong!Happy 
Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Hong Kong Park by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko

I first visited Disneyland! It was a dream of my childhood! What is there .. I always dream to visit Disneyland!2015YupiANanEmoteGIF001 by YupiANan2015YupiANanEmote003 by YupiANan2017YupiANanEmote001 by YupiANan

It was very hot and stuffy. I was upset because there were no people in the park in the costumes of the Disney characters. Because of this, the sensation of a fairy tale disappeared. But I was glad anyway. I liked the attractions.

1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko
That's how many stickers I've collected! I approached the personnel and asked for stickers with the children. Lol!
1 by Prywinko

I'm so tired of the day in the park. In the evening I went to a street cafe. It was close to my house. The food is very tasty and fresh!2017YupiANanEmote002 by YupiANan
1 by Prywinko  Local beer is very tasty! Lee Donghae Approves 

Ocean Park:
Wow! This is a terrific park! I really liked the park!

1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 111111111111111 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko
I saw a live Panda!
1 by Prywinko 111 by Prywinko

This is the coolest attraction!Doge Asian Okay WOW Wow! Fireworks! 
1 by Prywinko

This cafe is very tasty!Kill La Kill Icon: Ryuuko 3 
1 by Prywinko

So it's time for me to fly home. I flew with a transfer in BeijingBlown Away 
Tiananmen Square 

1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 111 by Prywinko 1111111111 by Prywinko
The streets of Beijing

11111111 by Prywinko 1111111 by Prywinko 11111 by Prywinko 1111 by Prywinko 11111 by Prywinko 1111111111111 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko

At home, this lovely lady was already waiting for me at the post office!
11 by Prywinko

A small Prywinko in Germany !!!!

It started as the Easter action in Hong Kong, but thanks to :iconpaige-follows: it became possible and in Germany !!!! Prywinko will conquer the worldLa la la la 

Thank you sooooo much for this idea! 


Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko

If you want to leave the Little Pry in your city, you can use this file! And send me a photo;)
Image by Prywinko

The photo shows the places where I leave pictures. You can quickly follow for the adventures of Prywinko in my instagram:

The journal will be updated!Hello 

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Prywinko Patreon and Gumroad

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2016, 12:20 PM
Hello! My name is Olga aka Prywinko 
Prywinko pic by Prywinko
Now i'm a freelance artist thanks to the support my patrons and I make my living on Patreon IconPatreon and Gumroad icon 2Gumroad

If you like my art and want to support me, get NSFW, PSD files, step by step, and other content, please check  the my Patreon IconPatreon  page.

At the moment, I have 4 tiers: 
Patreon  update! by Prywinko

Miku copy by Prywinko

If you are interested Rewards for previous months, please check my Gumroad icon 2 Gumroad page:

Prywinko Gumroad open! by Prywinko

Thank you for your attention and your support!Hug Misha and Sebastian Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon